Our Services

Proglobal Sport Management Consultancy promotes and seek employment for professional footballers and coaches. We identify clubs, arrange transfers; and ensure outcomes achieved reflect the true value of our clients.

PGSM offers Player Lifestyle Management to ensure that all the off field needs and expectations of clients are fully met and satisfied, so that they can totally focus on their football careers.

Our team deliver press, PR and media relation techniques and initiatives to the players to increase opportunity of successful attainment of brand and product endorsement contracts.

PGSM consultants negotiate product and brand endorsement contracts to maximize the player’s off field earning potential and capacity.

The football agency ensures it’s clients contractual and general rights are protected under the rules and regulations of the football governing body FIFA.

Proglobal Football Agency offers advice and guidance as required, to promote our clients’ professional development and their general well-being.

The Agency’s team of experienced consultants will ensure that contracts negotiated is commensurate with our client’s skills and experience.

PGSM intermediaries understand the need to plan for the future: to ensure clients and their families have financial security when they retire from playing football. The Football Agency provides expert advice on pension, long term financial planning, wealth management, taxation and retirement.