The FA Licensed football agency was formed following years of playing, coaching and successful development of players from grass roots football through to professional level. The agency’s team of dedicated professionals are committed to delivering transparent package of services. Consequently, the football agency now represents clients from countries in Africa, Europe and South America. Having years of diverse experience, we are able to create cutting-edge recommendations that transforms our client’s professional development and general well being

As your advocate, our goal is to eliminate the obstacles and frustrations involved with the creation and implementation of a solid infrastructure foundation. This partnership creates a results-oriented environment where the best solutions are born and executed. We’re your technology compass – setting your business on course for success and efficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assemble the perfect team and be the catalyst to inspire, incite and augment your existing sports environment for un-paralleled success. PGSM becomes your dream Agency by giving you and your management a new and unique avenues to success.

Our Value Proposition

PGSM’s unbiased consulting team have in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations of the sport governing body FIFA. We are your compass, your navigator, and your partner.

Our Difference

Proglobal Sports engages every member of the client’s team to ensure all aspects of the company are understood. We promote a culture of account-ability and inclusiveness, which becomes infused into every relationship.